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Discover How to Launch & Skyrocket Your Voiceover Career With VO Agent & Expert Lau Lapides

In this exclusive webinar, VO Expert & Agent Lau Lapides spills the industry secrets that keep you ahead of the game. Discover invaluable career advice and insider insights to kickstart your VO career or take your work to the next level!

Happening LIVE February 24th @ 11 am EST on Zoom!

Why Attend The Free "Launch & Skyrocket Your Voiceover Career" Webinar?

Whether you're starting your voiceover journey or aiming to level up in the industry, this webinar is your roadmap to success. Lau isn't just a VO Agent; she's a VO Coach ready to guide you through the exciting world of voiceover.


Insider Scoop & Global Perspective

VO Expert and Agent, Lau Lapides provides real, practical industry insights, including insights from VO markets from NYC to LA and beyond.


Hands-On Approach

Lau's practical, no-holds-barred advice for breaking into the industry will help take your career to the next level!


Top-Tier Expertise

Learn from the best with Lau's wealth of experience. Notably, Lau was honored with a prestigious SOVAS award in Beverly Hills.


Your Questions Answered

Lau covers it all, guiding you through the hottest topics in the industry today. From commercials to animations, audiobooks, e-learning, and narrations, Lau has you covered!

Don't miss out! Join us for a high-energy, info-packed session that will set you on the path to voiceover greatness.

Be bold, work smart, and have Lau Lapides as your shark VO Agent in the journey to your dream voiceover career!

Real People, Real Results!

"I Highly, Highly Recommend!"

"Anyone who wants to get into the voiceover and acting world should give Lau Lapides Company a try!"

— Jasmine Robinson

"Such a Positive Force!"

"I can not sing the praises of the Lau Lapides Company any louder! If you choose to join the ranks of talent in Lau's pool, she will take very, very good care of you!"

— Tom Catt

"Lau Makes It Happen!"

"I've gotten an honorable mention for acting and voiceover because of Lau. She wants to see you succeed and gets you where you want to go because she believes in you!"

— Becca Lerman

Meet Your Host Lau Lapides

Lau Lapides, a sought-after expert voice in the industry, is a familiar presence in podcasts, magazines, books, conferences, and radio shows, where she serves as a distinguished panelist. Her influence extends to audition programs streaming online. Notably, Lau was honored with a prestigious SOVAS award in Beverly Hills, solidifying her status as a respected figure in the voiceover community.

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How to Launch & Skyrocket Your Voiceover Career

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